Your Responsibility is Great – Osho

You spoke the other day about the great responsibility we have to get your words out to the world. Can you say some more?

The most important need of humanity today is to be made aware that its past has betrayed it. There is no point in continuing the past, it will be suicidal.

A new humanity is absolutely and urgently needed.

The new humanity will not be a society in the old sense, where individuals are only parts of it. The new humanity will be a meeting of individuals, where individuals are the masters and society is to serve them. It will have many different aspects to it. It will not have so many religions; it will have only a religious consciousness. It will not have a despot God as a creator, because that implies the slavery of man. It will have godliness as a quality of ultimate achievement, a quality of enlightenment. God will be spread all over – in everything, in every being.

The individual, for the first time, will not be programmed; he will be helped to be himself. He will not be given any ideals, any discipline, any certain pattern. He will be given only a tremendous love for freedom, so that he can sacrifice everything, even his own life, but he cannot sacrifice freedom. The new individual will not be repressive; he will be natural, with no inhibitions, expressive of everything that he has. Just the way plants express themselves in different colors, in different fragrances, each individual will be doing the same.

The new individual will not have the false idea that all human beings are equal. They are not. They are unique, which is a far higher concept than equality. Although the new individuals will not be equal, they will have equal opportunity to develop their potential, whatever it is.

There will be no marriage; love will be the only law. Children will be part of the commune, and only the commune will decide who is capable of being a mother and who is capable of being a father. It cannot be at random and accidental. And it will be according to the needs of the earth. The new humanity will have an ecology in which nature is not to be conquered, but lived and loved.

We are part of it – how can we conquer it? It will not have any races, no distinctions between nations, between colors, castes. It will not have any nations, any states. It will have only a functional world government, and the world government will not be chosen by mediocre voters – because they necessarily chose people of their own category.

It will have a totally different pattern. Just as we don’t allow anybody to vote before he is twenty-one years old – he has to be adult – in exactly the same way, unless everybody is well-educated and has at least a bachelor’s degree, he will not be allowed to vote. And the people will vote, not for any party – because there will be no party at all, it will be a no-party system – people will vote directly for individuals.

An education minister, a foreign minister, an interior minister, a president – these people will stand on their individual merit. Just as no voter can have less than a bachelor’s degree, nobody can stand for any post who does not have a doctorate in that particular subject. So all those who will be standing for the post will be experts on the same subject, and the choice will be by the educated, by the intelligent.

And the government will not be in the old sense a government. It won’t have any power, it will be simply functional. It will be the servant of the society in the real sense, not only in words.

Life has so many dimensions, and politics has dominated them all. Looking at a newspaper, somebody on some other planet could not conceive what kind of people live on the earth – only politicians? Murderers? Suicides? Rapists? Criminals?  Because your newspapers are full of these people. And on top of everything is the politician.

Every creative dimension of life will be brought out into the light, and the ugly aspects don’t need to be advertised. If somebody has murdered, it should be brought to light – not to say that he was a criminal, but to show how the very psychology of the man, the upbringing of the man went wrong, and why he had to commit murder. In his place, with the same background, anybody would have done the same. So you are not condemning the person, you are condemning the training, the background, the upbringing; this is absolutely scientific.

Why does a man become a rapist? – Because his background was creating the energy to be a rapist… although he was trying to be a Baptist, he ended up being a rapist! So the negative part should be brought out, but the individual should never be condemned because no action is equal to the whole individual. The action is a small part of his whole life.

The newspapers should be full of creativity, positivity. Ninety percent of a newspaper should give coverage to musicians, poets, sculptors, dancers, actors, philosophers and only ten percent should be given to the politicians and the negative elements. The negative elements should be analyzed so the individual is not condemned. And the politicians should only be given space as information, not more than that. If they are doing something good it should be said, if they are doing something not good it should be said – but they should not be dominating our whole life.

The new humanity will have to change the whole structure of its education. It will not be ambitious; it will not create a desperate desire in everybody to become somebody powerful. On the contrary, it will create creators. It will create people who know how to rejoice. Its basic function should be to teach people the art of living, loving, laughing, the capacity to sing, dance, paint.

There will be people who have to be trained for technology, science, but even those who are being trained for technology and science or medicine should not be kept completely unconscious of the beautiful side of life. They should not become robots – because what you do, you become. If you are continuously researching about objects, soon you forget that you are a subject; you become an object.

And each individual who enters a school, college, or university should have hypnotic sessions in which he can be encouraged to meditate – so meditation comes from within him, it is not imposed from the outside. It is not compulsory to meditate, but it becomes compulsory to meditate because it is coming from the inside.

And that is the beauty of hypnosis, that it can put the seed in your very heart, and when things come from there you never feel that something has been forced on you. And things like meditation cannot be forced; then there is resentment. But hypnosis is a great art: it can help man drop all kinds of resentment, all kinds of jealousies, hatred, competition. It can clean man’s inner shrine so completely that everybody grows up and does not only grow old.

So when I said the word has to be spread, I meant that the new man is an absolute necessity. The old is dead or is dying… cannot survive long. And if we cannot produce a new human being, then humanity will disappear from the earth – and that will be ugly.

And I told you to spread the word because they are trying every hindrance to keep me from approaching people. But I will approach people. They are mediocre politicians: they cannot prevent me. They can delay me, but they cannot stop me unless some idiot goes absolutely mad and kills me.

In that case you have the word. And if I am not there, your responsibility becomes great. When I am here your responsibility is none; I can do it alone without any difficulty. But if I am not here, then your responsibilities tremendously increase. Then each of you has to represent me, and we have to see how many people they can crucify.

But the word has to go out because the word cannot be crucified. Ways and means have to be found for the word to reach to every corner of the earth, to every human being who can understand.


From The Path of the Mystic, Discourse #34

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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4 thoughts on “Your Responsibility is Great – Osho”

  1. When the self/mind reaches the gates of the absolute, one knows it for sure that the departure was great and there isn’t any return to the world of shadows, then that mind caries the essence of the absolute and therefore knows that liberation came out of ignorance and yearng for…..Illussions.


  2. It will never happen…and even though if it comes to materialize, it will be in vain. Unless you find ways to disappear there is no saving your shadow in all your discoveries and in being. Hopelessness is the greatest revelation in stepping out from any hope and trying.


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