Mind: the Real Fascist Leader – Swami Dayanand Bharati

Today, reflecting on the world situation with so many fascist leaders arising. Trump, Erdogan, Netanyahu, Duterte and others. It gave me an insight about the ranch experience.

The ranch would have never happened without Sheela, our very own fascist leader. Sheela was the holy trinity of creator, maintainer and destroyer of Rajneeshpuram. It would have never happened without her, it could not have been built and maintained without her and it was rightfully destroyed by her to complete the circle.

And our beloved Master the witness the absolute awareness above it all. And the question of many, did he know? Was he involved? Is right here.

As a disciple, as a lover I feel: Of course he knew, of course he saw, of course he responded but he was never involved or attached to any outcome. He is the pure witness, the watcher on the hill, the Master. The background to it all. The ultimate example! This experiment was his device for us the wake up, to drop out, to see the game and be free, to become aware and to join him in his awareness, to rise above the mind.

Obviously many could not do it then, I could not! I just kept going, trusting in spite of not understanding what it was all about. Now it looks like to me it was all a preparation for this time, for now. The small Ranch game is played on the world stage right now, it always is, it always has, it always was, only now it is very obvious. This time it is pushed right into our faces, so close it hurts! Thank you! It may be the last chance to wake up for a long time to come.

I am forced to do something now, it cannot be ignored anymore, we are being openly conned, deceived, exploited, oppressed! We always have been and it is not really others that do it to us, we do it to ourselves, our minds do it, we exploit, con and deceive ourselves all the time.

On the Ranch our minds and hearts were all deeply involved in our personal utopia of the perfect world, the perfect enlightened society. We all brought our personal ambitions with us and we did what we thought would help these ambitions to be fulfilled either by doing the dirty work, or the creative work, or the spiritual work. We as a Sangha were striving for the impossible goal of wholeness, oneness, enlightenment as a group. Impossible!!! Even with an enlightened being on top. Impossible, proven impossible!!

At the end of the Ranch some walked away confused, some angry, some in handcuffs, some still hoping, projecting some positive future fulfillment or trying it all again or thinking that it could have worked … If only ….. Or blaming our beloved Master for the failure of our dream, why didn’t he stop Sheela? All the possible reactions of the mind arose in many of us, arise again now, if only……………Trump would not be president…if only….

So here it is all again, big scale, am I ready now? Have I been prepared? The situation is perfect, I can blame, I can react, I can freak out, I can protest and rebel, I can shut down, get drunk, smoke a joint, watch some good movies, I can do all the things the mind will do in its hope to survive, to feel good and safe again, to keep the illusion alive that someday………the happiness, the golden age….Peace, Freedom, the utopia!

Or I can see that there is no way out through the mind. There is no way out!! Period! Except awareness, witnessing, watching the mind.

Because the mind is the real fascist leader!

-Swami Dayanand Bharati



4 thoughts on “Mind: the Real Fascist Leader – Swami Dayanand Bharati”

    1. Reading again what I wrote, the essence of it all suddenly shone through.
      Everything that exists goes through the cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction.
      Brahma,Vishnu Shiva.
      Every idea, every individual ,every civilization ,every planet, like Rajneeshpuram
      Is born, lives a while and dies.
      That is the absolute law of existence and it should be obvious.
      Now it seems we are at that point of destruction,US on the frontline !
      Of course we may be able to pass this one ,avoid the disaster, make it politically acceptable and livable again…..until….again….
      Some will be called to try and fix it all again,fight it ,but it looks like it is deeply broken now ,the damage is done, just like a relationship that has been betrayed can never get back to how it was, we know now that we are not save anymore,like someone who had a near death experience knows that death is real.
      For those like me who want to get off the bus, jump the off the wheel ,now is a good time!

      We are not in harmony with existence and the laws of existence.That is the cause of our suffering.
      We believe the fascist mind, its illusions and lies.
      Sheela, Trump are just the tools of the inevitable destruction of what has been created.
      It is the natural law of existence being played out over and over.
      And yes destruction, death appears ugly and cruel because the mind the “I” wants to hold on and on and on.

      The Mind has its own interpretation of life, I, mine, me above all ,that is the real fascist, the me!
      The illusion of the fascist mind, that the” I “can control it all, by all means possible.
      Or submit to the ones that have the control.

      And yes the only way as far as I know in my experience is to watch, see the facts ,be alert, be free of involvement ,to rise above the mind ,above holding on, above clinging to some illusion.
      And then whatever happens is fine.
      This in my understanding is the only chance for true freedom. Blessed those who have a Master
      like Osho who ceaselessly has pointed the way beyond the mind and still is.


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  1. I think the ranch and what unfolded there was always bound up with America and it destiny, and I also see it as a microcosm of the present situation in the world. I also see the same forces of corruption and fascism arising, down to the poisoning via pollution and what goes into food, medicines and the water supply….There are also many advances in science and techn0logy and possibilities for human creativity to prevail and create a better world: the transformation of that land which was brought back to life shows what human beings are capable of.

    What I also vividly remember is the urgency behind the talks Osho was giving during that last international festival during the summer of 1985 – warning us about not blindly following some-one. So yes, it is all being played out in this bigger drama, but I think a conscious rebellion is also needed, rather than an unconscious reaction.


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