The Paradox of the Bodhisattva – Osho

After these words

The Lord said to Subhuti:’Therefore, Subhuti, listen well and attentively. Someone who has set out in the vehicle of a bodhisattva should produce a thought in this manner;’

It does not look very good in the English translation. The Sanskrit word is chittopad.

One should create such a mind, such a decision; one should create such a great decision, determination—chittopad in this manner:

‘”As many beings as there are in the universe of beings, comprehended under the term ‘beings’, all these I must lead to nirvana...”‘

“Not one or two, Subhuti, not one or two, but all the beings — men, women, animals, birds, trees, rocks, all the beings in the world. One should create such a determination that ‘I will lead all of them into Nirvana.'”

‘… Into that realm of nirvana which leaves nothing behind. And yet, although innumerable beings have thus been led to nirvana; no being at all has been led to nirvana.’

That too you have to remember, you should not forget; otherwise, leading others, you will fall into ignorance again.

All the beings have to be led to the other shore, and still you have to remember that their miseries are false, so your remedies are also false. And you have to remember that they have no selves; neither do you have any self. So don’t forget; don’t think that you are helping people, that you are a great helper, this and that, otherwise you will fall again.

Again you will grow roots on this shore. So two things have to be remembered. You have to remain on this shore with great determination, otherwise you will be pulled by the other; and yet you are not to grow roots, again otherwise you will not be of any help. You will destroy yourself, you will fall into the dream again.

‘And why? If in a bodhisattva the notion of a “being” should take place, he could not be called a “bodhi-being”. And why? He is not called a “bodhi-being” in whom the notion of a self or a being should take place, or the notion of a living soul or of a person.’

“So you have to remember, Subhuti, two things. One, that you have to lead all the beings to the other shore, and still you have to remember that nobody has a being—neither you nor they. All egos are false and illusory.

“Go on remembering this and go on with great determination. Help people to the other shore. They are already there; you just have to make them alert and aware. But don’t get lost, don’t become a saviour—these two things.”

And again and again Buddha will repeat in this sutra The Vehicle of the Bodhisattva. I would like you all to become bodhisattvas.

Enough for today.


Excerpt from The Diamond Sutra, Chapter One

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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5 thoughts on “The Paradox of the Bodhisattva – Osho”

  1. Since there are no others and neither self, why try to become anything and not just disappear knowing that I have recovered from the illusion,? from the phantasmagoria?


      1. Life becomes logical and multidimensional when entering the diverse duality, mind arises out of knowledge and hope, gets gripped by features and sensuality and gets stuck in the wheel of Samsara.
        Becoming anything implies the network of thinking to a purpose…as time self and others….
        When the purpose drops, hope also disappears; the brain is now released from the stronghold of self, one becomes tranquil and simple not identifying with any happenings but maintaining the state of silence and that of sleep…when the body drops, self also disappears.
        A work to be done by chapping all the fetters of being and becoming to stop time self and the world.

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  2. To do something for another without congratulating oneself, just doing it since the need is seen, without a kind of ugly self-consciousness, self-righteousness arising, is only possible with absolute alertness to the whole. Such love in the layers Osho uncovers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amigo, Just don´t make it to a hobby and claim yourself a savior after all.
      As for me, I wont care for anybody unless there´s something in it for me………


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