The Phenomenon of Suicide – Osho

I come from a family where there are four suicides on the maternal side, including my grandmother. How does this affect one’s death? What help to overcome this perversion of death which runs as a theme through the family?  The phenomenon of death is one of the most mysterious and so is the phenomenon of … Continue reading “The Phenomenon of Suicide – Osho”

The Whiskers of the Pebble – Osho

What is religion? It is not the howling of the wolves at the moon, but that’s what it has become to the masses. If the masses are right, then animals have a great religious sense – wolves howling, dogs barking at the moon, at the distant, at the faraway. Paul Tillich has defined religion as … Continue reading “The Whiskers of the Pebble – Osho”

Zen is not a Theology – Osho

Zen is not a theology, it is a religion – and religion without a theology is a unique phenomenon. All other religions exist around the concept of God. They have theologies. They are God-centric not man-centric; man is not the end, God is the end. But not so for Zen. For Zen, man is the … Continue reading “Zen is not a Theology – Osho”

Now Wake Up! – Osho

Kabir says: My inside, listen to me, the greatest spirit, the teacher, is near, wake up, wake up! The original is: Parmatma guru nikat viraje, jag jag man mere . . . Your real Master, your God, is very close by. You need not go to Kaaba or to Kashi in search of him. He … Continue reading “Now Wake Up! – Osho”

Thinking, Contemplation, Concentration and Meditation – Osho

Kindly explain contemplation, concentration and meditation. ‘Contemplation’ means directed thinking. We all think; that is not contemplation. That thinking is undirected, vague, leading nowhere. Really, our thinking is not contemplation, but what Freudians call association. One thought leads to another without any direction from you. The thought itself leads to another because of association. You … Continue reading “Thinking, Contemplation, Concentration and Meditation – Osho”

Euthanasia Is Our Birthright – Osho

Euthanasia, or the freedom to choose your death, should be accepted as a birthright of every human being. A limit can be put to it, for example, seventy-five years. After the age of seventy-five the hospitals should be ready to help anybody who wants to get rid of their body. Every hospital should have a … Continue reading “Euthanasia Is Our Birthright – Osho”

Man is an Opportunity – Osho

Man is not a meaning but an opportunity. The meaning is possible, but is not given. The meaning can be created, but it is not already there. It is a task not a gift. Life is a gift, but life is open opportunity. Meaning is not a gift, meaning is a search. Those who seek … Continue reading “Man is an Opportunity – Osho”

A Noah’s Ark of Consciousness – Osho

Rocks easily destroy flowers. The politicians and religions sense that enlightenment, freedom and individuality threaten their power. Is it fear alone that is the basis of the dark use of intelligence to crush man’s finest blossoms? Or is there an unconscious urge for “endarkenment” too?  Devageet, there is an unconscious urge for endarkenment too. It … Continue reading “A Noah’s Ark of Consciousness – Osho”

Your Meditation Will Take You, I Cannot Take You Anywhere – Osho

Krishna said to Arjuna, “Surrender and I promise you moksha.” Jesus also said to his disciples, “Come follow me and I will take you to the kingdom, to God.” But you say to us that you can only show the facts. Why don’t you promise us nirvana? All promises are poisons because they are political … Continue reading “Your Meditation Will Take You, I Cannot Take You Anywhere – Osho”

Take Your Destiny in Your Hands – Osho

In the natural course, after millions of years and lives, one will be enlightened. But we might have already passed through millions of years and lives and yet are not enlightened. Why? You cannot ask why. You can ask why only if you are doing something. If nature is doing something you cannot ask why; … Continue reading “Take Your Destiny in Your Hands – Osho”