Jean Klein Books and Audios

The following PDF files are provided for educational purposes. I have downloaded them  from various sources on the internet and in these uncertain times it seems wise to make them available on a multitude of sites.  I would encourage anyone who feels that they are enriched by the books to purchase hard-copies if they exist. Many of them are available from

I Am

La Joie sans Objet

The Ease of Being

The Book of Listening

Dr Jean Klein a biographical sketch

Following are audio files of interviews and dialogues available for download. You can either left click to listen or right click and “save as” to download.

Clear View: Vedanta for Westerners

The Sacred Quest: Being Who You Are

The Current of Love (dialogue with Lillias Folan)

The Flame of Being (dialogue with Michael Toms)

Love and Marriage – A conversation between Jean Klein and Drs. Paul and Evelyn Moschetta

Dialogues with Jean Klein part 1

Dialogues with Jean Klein part 2

5 thoughts on “Jean Klein Books and Audios”

  1. When I try to view Jean Klein’s The Ease of Being I see a very large blank white page in the center and in the background may black lines but no text? I hope I will be able to read it and wonder what can be done? Thank you


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