Osho Book of Secrets Meditations

Book of Secrets Meditations

Below you will find links to recordings that were compiled for Meditation. These files have not been created for entertainment but specifically for use in meditation.  And they are not intended to be used commercially in any way.  They are approximately one hour in length. They are made up of Osho’s spoken words and periods of silence and close with three bells. All of Osho’s words are from the The Book of Secrets discourse series which vary in original recording quality. You can either play the files from here or download them by “right clicking” and choosing “save file as.” Enjoy!

*  Best original recording quality

Between Two Breaths (Book of Secrets #3-1&2) *

Whenever In-Breath and Out-Breath Fuse (Book of Secrets #3-3) *

Attention Between Eyebrows (Book of Secrets #5-1) *

See Your Inner Being in Detail (Book of Secrets #21-1)

Remember You Are (Book of Secrets #35-1) *

Wherever Your Mind is Wandering (Book of Secrets #39-2) *

Feel- My Thought (Book of Secrets #55-1)

Before Desire and Before Knowing (Book of Secrets #55-2)

You Are Everywhere (Book of Secrets #57-1)

Thinking No Thing (Book of Secrets #57-2)

Contemplate Something Beyond Perception (Book of Secrets #59-1)*

Perceive One Being as Knower and Known (Book of Secrets #61-1)

Put Mindstuff in Such Inexpressible Fineness (Book of Secrets #65-1)

He Remains in the Subjective (Book of Secrets #73-1)

Each Particular Perception is Limited (Book of Secrets #75-3)

This Consciousness Exists as Each Being (Book of Secrets #77-2

Suppose Your Passive Form to be an Empty Room (Book of Secrets #79-1)

Enter Space, Supportless, Eternal, Still (Book of Secrets #79-4)

Book of Secrets Satsangs

I have also created some Satsang Meditations based on Osho’s Book of Secrets. They include less words, more space and some music. They begin with three minutes of silence and are one hour in length ending with three bells. With these too, you can either play the files from here or download them by “right clicking” and choosing “save file as.” Enjoy!

As Breath Turns From Down to Up-BOS Satsang

Between Two Breaths-BOS Satsang

Contemplate Something Beyond Perception-BOS Satsang

Enter Space, Supportless, Eternal, Still-BOS Satsang

Put Mindstuff in Such Inexpressible Fineness-BOS Satsang

See Your Inner Being in Detail-BOS Satsang

Whenever In-Breath and Out-Breath Fuse-BOS Satsang

Wherever Your Attention Alights-BOS Satsang

Wherever Your Mind is Wandering-BOS Satsang


Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

The Book of Secrets which contain 112 meditation techniques is currently available from Amazon.

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The Book of Secrets

MP3 audio files of these discourses can be downloaded from Osho.com  or you can read the entire book online at the Osho Library.

Many of Osho’s books are available in the U.S. online from Amazon.com and Viha Osho Book Distributors. In India they are available from Amazon.in and Oshoworld.com.



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