Program #7: Attention Between Eyebrows

Osho Dhamma and the Secrets of Meditation: A Course in Witnessing  is made up of 36 programs, each one is approximately two hours in length. You can use these progressively from #1 – #36, or each one independently.

Osho spent his whole life working to awaken as many individuals as possible through the practice of meditation. In addition to teaching the 112 ancient meditation techniques of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, Osho also devised new “active” meditation techniques designed specifically to overcome the complexities and busyness of the modern mind. But Osho has also said that the very core of meditation is witnessing. Witnessing means “awarefulness.”

In this course we will explore and experiment with Osho’s The Book of Secrets (Vigyana Bhairava Tantra) meditation techniques and Osho’s meditation of witnessing.

Here you will find audio programs which are approximately 2 hours in length. They are divided into two parts so that you can take a short break in between if you wish. The first part is a listening meditation and the second is a satsang meditation. Amido gives the invocation to begin the meditation.

The listening meditations are from Osho’s discourses. Osho has said about his discourses, “I don’t speak to teach something; I speak to create something” and also, “These are not lectures. These discourses are simply a device for you to become silent.”

The satsang meditation is comprised of alternating periods of silence, music and Osho’s spoken word. The satsangs always begin with silence and end with three bells.

Below you will find the the links to the pages from which you can access the files. You can either play the files by left clicking on the link or download them by “right clicking” and choosing “save file as.” Also included below are links for reading. Enjoy!

Here you will find the complete module: Osho Dhamma and the Secrets of Meditation: A Course in Witnessing.

MP3 audio files of the complete discourses can be downloaded from  or you can read the entire books online at the Osho Library.

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Program #7: Attention Between Eyebrows

Listening Meditation: (2 parts)

Attention Between Eyebrows – Introduction and Technique (BOS #5-1)

The Third Eye and “Who Am I?”

Satsang Meditation:

Satsang Meditation Opening Bell

Attention Between Eyebrows


Attention Between Eyebrows

The Third Eye and “Who Am I?”