Don’t Get Lost on the Way – Osho

Outward expression, declaring to the world the joy I feel, certainly has its limitations, its point of frustration. But falling inside, it looks limitless, endless – A vast cool cave – And nobody is there. What concerns me is: If I wander in, in the silence and stillness will you be there? 

Deva Surabhi, I rarely promise – but if you are absolutely certain that you will go on digging deeper and deeper to the very ultimate center of your being, I promise you I will be there to welcome you.

Because the center is one… we are different only on the periphery.

Just think of a circle and a center: from the center towards the circle many lines can go. On the periphery those lines are very distant; as they move towards the center they come closer, and closer, and closer, and closer. And those who have reached the center are all ready to welcome you.

Not only will I be there, you will also find all those people whom I have been talking about. Just reach to the center, so I can introduce you to Chuang Tzu, to Lao Tzu, to Kabir, to Gautam Buddha, to Eknath, to Hotei, to Tilopa, Naropa… unique people; every one a unique flower, with a fragrance of his own.

And it is not only a promise to Surabhi, it is a promise to you all: the day you reach the center, you will find me there ahead of you. I am already there, just waiting for you. Don’t get lost on the way: reach to the very end.


From The Rebellious Spirit, Discourse #9

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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