Seeing Without Eyes – Jean Klein

The starting point of all activities is more or less localized in our heads. But the moment we are invited by our original stillness to be the stillness, then we should go away from this localization. Otherwise, we remain enclosed in the battlefield. When you are invited to be still, consciously relax your optic nerves.

In our sense activities the eyes play a big role and the optic nerves are generally in tension. All the energy employed in seeing is more or less in intention. So, when you feel tension in the eyes you should, with the help of the optic nerves, let the localization go through the left and right brain away from the eye area so that it feels as if the eyes are localized at the base of the brain.

Then you are out of the battlefield. You will feel that all the energy which comes up is more or less localized in the cervical region, very precisely at the seventh vertebra. You should enjoy for a certain moment this localization. Then you may be invited by your deep relaxation to go to the heart. Perhaps the heart is the last door, for there, there is no more outgoing or ingoing.

– Jean Klein

From Living Truth, p. 29

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