I Wish to Disturb this Sleep of Yours – Osho

I am not a preacher. I do not wish to deliver a sermon or a lesson. I have no desire to instill any thought of mine into your mind. All thoughts are futile. Like particles of dust they cover you up. And then you begin to appear what you are not. And what you do not know appears to be known. This is suicidal.

Ignorance is not dispelled by thought, it is only concealed. In order to awaken knowledge, it is essential to know ignorance in its stark nakedness. For this reason, do not conceal yourself in the garments of thought. Remove all coverings and garments so that you become familiar with your nakedness and hollowness. This will become a bridge to take you beyond ignorance. The acute distress of realizing your ignorance is the starting-point of revolution.

Hence, I wish to expose you, not conceal you. See how many blind faiths, conceptions and fancies you have hidden yourself behind! And you think yourself safe and secure behind these barriers. This is not security but self-deception.

I wish to disturb this sleep of yours. Truth, not dreams, is your sole security.

If you can gain the courage to drop your dreams, you will attain the truth. What a bargain! In order to attain the truth, you have only to drop your dreams, nothing else.

You must break through the unconscious – its thoughts, dreams, fantasies. You must awaken from the seen to that which sees.

“The seer alone is the truth; if you attain it, you have attained life.”

I said this to someone. On hearing it, he fell into reflection. I told him: “You have become engrossed in thought. But that is the slumber from which I urge you to awaken.”


From Seeds of Wisdom, Chapter One

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The Switch Over

Recently, I have been paying attention to the waking up process in the morning and have found that there is a point when there is a switch over from the sleeping-dream – to out of the dream.

At the moment of the switch one is not identified with anything. One simply is.

It is only after some moments that the waking-dream begins, but those moments before it does, are suffused with awareness.

Then the day-dream begins and one is once again lost into the world.


This is from the collection of stories, essays, poems and insights that is compiled to form the book From Lemurs to Lamas: Confessions of a Bodhisattva. Order the book Here.


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