The Pilgrimage is Endless – Osho

You have opened me to new heights and I hear you ahead of time. I see that you are here and I feel that it is only your body that is present.

When you speak of Jesus, you are he. When you speak of Buddha, you are he. When you speak of Mahavira, you are he. I see that you are all masters.

And when you spoke of time that does not move, I heard and saw. My heart is full.

Jivan Mary, there are heights beyond heights. Don’t be contented: The spiritual search is an eternal discontentment, but it is sweet. The more discontented you are for new heights, more heights, the more fulfilled, the more fruitful and significant becomes your every breath.

I can only show you the way, but you have to walk on it, alone – singing and dancing and always remembering that there is no place where you have to stop forever. It is good to have an overnight stop and wait for the beautiful dawn, and open your wings, because new heights are waiting for you.

The pilgrimage is endless.

This is one of the most fundamental things to understand – because all the religions have been teaching that there is a full stop; there comes a moment when you have reached and there is nowhere to go anymore. Life knows no full stop, it goes on and on. The full stop is only for those who are not courageous. Then just a little joy, a little light, a little song, suffices them.

I would like my people never to be satisfied. To be unsatisfied about worldly things is meaningless – with the worldly things you can be satisfied – but to be satisfied with spiritual growth is committing suicide. Contentment with the world and discontentment for God is the way.

It is true – if your heart is beating with my heart you will hear me ahead of time because whatever I am saying is nothing new: it is only dormant in you, asleep in you. When your heart is dancing with me, that which is asleep in you becomes awake. And the quality of awakening is the same, so you can hear me ahead of time. That is a very significant indication of coming closer and closer to the state of a devotee.

You say, “I see that you are here and then I feel that it is only your body present. When you speak of Jesus, you are he; when you speak of Buddha, you are he; when you speak of Mahavira, you are he; I see that you are all masters.”

Every master is all masters, because the message is the same. Every master is only a vehicle, a passage, but what comes through that passage belongs to existence itself. It cannot be otherwise.

The language is going to be different, the ways of expression are going to be different, but the essential core of the message is eternally the same.

It is because I feel such a deep affinity with Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, Zarathustra, Bodhidharma, Moses, that I feel an absolute right even to criticize them. That is out of my love.

People misunderstand: they think I have criticized Jesus, I have simply corrected him. Jesus is two thousand years old. In two thousand years the very style of life has changed; the concepts, the words, the approach to reality has changed. Although the fingers are pointing to the same moon, the fingers are different. And my love for Jesus or Buddha is so great that I don’t feel any difficulty in criticizing them – just like a friend can criticize you, not a stranger.

A Christian is afraid to criticize Jesus because he is a stranger, he is not a friend. He does not know that love is capable of criticizing one he loves. In fact, the more he loves, the more he is capable of criticizing.

It is true that you have heard through my voice all the masters of the past and all the masters of the future too, because whatsoever superficial changes happen make no difference to the fundamental religiousness, it remains the same. But to have understood it is certainly a great opening, the opening of the heart, a great understanding, a great light in the house that has been dark up to now.

And you say, “And when you spoke of time that does not move, I heard and saw. My heart is full.”

Whenever the heart is full, everything stops: time, mind, everything comes to a stop, just like a lake which is so silent that there are no ripples anymore. It becomes almost like a mirror; and in the fullness of your heart you are also a mirror. You will be able to see the whole sky reflected in the mirror.

Rabindranath recalled a man who was of the age of his grandfather – very old. He used to come often to Rabindranath’s house, and Rabindranath never felt at ease with the man because he would always ask strange questions. If you are asked those strange questions, either you have to answer them and you know you are wrong, or you have to remain silent, which feels very embarrassing.

And that old man used to laugh whether he answered or not; it did not matter. He used to say to Rabindranath, “Your answer is wrong, your no-answer is wrong. You are known to be a great poet, you are a Nobel prize-winner – and you don’t know anything at all. You have written so many beautiful poems about God: Have you met him? Have you seen him?” And the man and his eyes were so penetrating that it was very difficult to deceive him.

One day Rabindranath had gone to the ocean, which was close by. In the full moon night, he saw in the ocean the reflection of the moon. The reflection was even more beautiful than the moon itself. It happens many times… your photograph may be more beautiful than you are in reality. You can be photogenic. There are many people who are photogenic – their photos come out very beautiful, but if you look at those people they are not so beautiful in reality.

When he was returning, full of the joy of the moonlight and the ocean, he saw small ponds by the side of the road. Just in the morning it had rained, and there were small pools of water, dirty, but the moon was reflected as beautifully in those dirty water pools as it was reflected in the vast ocean.

That opened his eyes to a new truth – that the moon is the moon whether you have a very beautiful mirror or a very ordinary mirror. The reality of the moon remains untouched. For the first time, he felt relaxed about the old man who had been annoying him. And rather than going to his own home, for the first time he went to the old man’s house. His eyes were full of the beauty of the moon, the ocean, the small pools of water. And he said to the old man, “I have seen God.”

The old man hugged him and he said, “I know. I can see it from your face, from your eyes. I can see it from the way you have come to me for the first time. Now I will not harass you; I will not come again. I have been harassing you again and again, because I knew your potential. I would be very happy if you can tell me how you found God.”

Rabindranath said, “Looking at the reflection of the moon in the ocean, and then looking at the many reflections by the side, in dirty water pools. But the moon was not dirty, the reflection was not dirty; it was as beautiful as in the ocean. Just then I remembered you – because I have been irritated with you, I have been annoyed with you. I was blind. I could not see God in you. I only saw God in beautiful people, in flowers, in the moon. But I know now it does not matter who you are. To me now, you are also a reflection of God, and I am grateful to you that you went on poking me, pushing me towards this realization.”

When your heart is full it becomes a mirror, it reflects that which is the truth. And if you see and understand that, time certainly stops. It is a great realization.

And it is true that I am only body – available to all that has been discovered and also to that which will ever be discovered about the inner being of man. I have surrendered myself to existence. I don’t know myself what I am going to say.

Yes, just like Almustafa, I am not “speaking” anything, I am also a listener. And the one who is speaking has spoken through Mahavira, through Buddha, through Confucius, through Lao Tzu – through millions of mystics. Because the mystery is the same: that the mystic becomes a hollow bamboo and allows existence to sing its songs.

Jivan Mary, you are blessed; and you will be more and more blessed. The door has opened and the ultimate has given you a challenge, and I know you are courageous enough to move. However arduous may be the path, it is beautiful – its glory is beyond words.


From The Rebellious Spirit, Discourse #2

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This is Going to be Your Last Life – Osho

I have held the following events close to my heart over the years. I relate them to you now because they may have some connection with the beautiful revelations of Swami Siddharth at darshan several evenings ago. The events may not be described as momentous, but they have significance of their own, and I bring them before you in grave humility and from the depths of my being.

I was thirty-two years old. By then I had four babies, and was kept tied to the house. To keep my spirit alive, I was taking on a correspondence course. On the day of your enlightenment, my husband was out, the babies were asleep. I was drawing a life study of my left hand; suddenly the room was filled with a shimmering light – no light was ever like it. I could see nothing but the light. I do not know how long it was there; I only knew that something tremendously significant had occurred. It left me breathless.

When my husband came home, I tried to explain what had happened, but there were no words to describe it so we did not discuss it. I had to wait another thirty-two years before the truth of that event became clear.

I had been taking a theater class with seventeen year olds, two of who came to me distressed, with feelings of helplessness because they had seen a film depicting the effects of a nuclear war. I took their pain home with me. Once inside the door, I threw myself face downwards on the floor, arms outstretched. I was in an empty dark space, opening myself to existence for some kind of answer. I was there for a long time. Later I went into my bedroom and lay on my back on the bed. Suddenly the same white shimmering light enveloped me; the room seemed to disappear, and after a few moments the head and shoulders of the man came into the light, his eyes towards me. Soon the head and shoulders of the woman appeared in profile in front of his left shoulder, her hands cupped together in front of her and against her breast. Into her hands came a small child. All was encompassed in this light. I cannot say how long they were there, but then they and the light were gone. I was panting as if I had been running.

I knew that the first light thirty-two years before had been Osho’s light as it filled the world and was available to all those to receive it. I was now ready to receive him.

I knew that the second event brought me to the one who was the truth of our time.

The first reality was when I was thirty-two and you were twenty-one, the light was your enlightenment and it filled the universe.

The next day, my sannyas friend – who was doing some work for me – observed a great change in me. It was not long before I was at the feet of my beloved Master.

I write these things because this light within us cannot be hidden. I bow down to the ultimate truth of the enlightened one.

My beloved Master and friend, I realize these events may seem small beside the others that are revealed to you at last; but they are brought to you from my loving heart.

Jivan Mary, the path of spiritual realization knows no differences in experiences.

There are not big, significant experiences and small, insignificant experiences. All experiences on the path are exactly of the same significance, because each experience takes you a step deeper into reality, deeper into yourself, deeper into existence.

Your first experience of suddenly encountering a white, shimmering light, and after thirty-two years you came to know that it was the day I had become enlightened…. You are not alone in experiencing that; perhaps ten persons more have related the same experience to me. And naturally they were amazed, and there was no clue available to them. Only later on, years afterwards, it became clear to them that there seemed to be some correspondence between my enlightenment and their experience.

There were great distances between me and all these people.

But as far as man’s spiritual being is concerned, space and distances do not matter at all. If you are open, if you are available, if you are receptive, then one man becoming enlightened… the experience, the vibration, the light goes around the whole earth. Wherever there are people who can receive it, who can welcome it, who can take it in…. They will not only see a shimmering white light – that is the outer manifestation – there is something more hidden behind it. In their seeing, their being has taken a quantum leap.

They will never be the same as they were before. The experience of the light has drawn a line, a discontinuity in their life. Something new has entered: they have become available to the beyond; they are no longer only psychological human beings. Something of the spirit has come up out of the darkness, just like an iceberg – a part is above the water, one-tenth. Most of the iceberg is still underneath the water, but a revolution has started.

Your second experience is of even deeper mystery. It is also connected with the first experience.

The first experience was my enlightenment. You shared it, you participated in the celebration. You were a welcomed guest.

The second experience is indicative of my whole philosophy: I have gone beyond enlightenment, something new is born. Enlightenment has been, up to now, the ultimate.

It is not the ultimate any more.

I have broken the ice. I have opened a small door – a new birth, of a new man, of a new humanity, of a new future.

Enlightenment will always remain of tremendous value, but up to now it was the end. Now it will be again a beginning of a new journey.

This breakthrough has immense implications. A few are worth remembering. One, the old idea of enlightenment was partial. It was partial in the sense that all the religions of the world have emphasized the fact that the man has to renounce the woman, to renounce the world, renounce all the pleasures of the world. He has to become an ascetic – in reality he has to become a self-torturer, because to cut man from woman is the beginning of torture.

Man and woman are part of one whole; they are not opposites, they are complementaries.

My emphasis is: no more renunciation, no more self-torture, no need to create a painful, miserable life for yourself.

The woman is not against the man.

The new humanity has to create the right atmosphere where men and women are friends, fellow travelers, making each other whole. The journey becomes a joy, the journey becomes a song, the journey becomes a dance.

And if men and women in total harmony can give birth to children, those children will be the ‘superman’ we have been dreaming about for thousands of years. But the superman can be created only out of the harmonious whole of man’s and woman’s energy. Then he will be born enlightened.

In the past, people had to seek enlightenment. But if a child is born out of a couple who are in total harmony, in absolute love, he will be born enlightened. It cannot be otherwise. Enlightenment will be his beginning; he will go beyond enlightenment from the very first step. He will seek new spaces, new skies.

Your second experience is indicative of my whole philosophical approach.

I am bound to be condemned by the old religions. I cannot even complain against them. I accept it, it is just natural – because I am trying to bring a totally new religious experience into the world. And with the new religious experience there is bound to be a new world, a new humanity, new eyes to see and new hearts to feel.

Jivan Mary, you are blessed that, far away from me, you experienced my enlightenment and you also experienced my transcendence of enlightenment. You are absolutely ripe; mature, to explode into the beyond, the unknowable, the ecstatic existence.

You are old, but only in the body. Your heart is younger than the so-called young generation. You have not just grown old, you have grown up, you have matured.

And I can say it without any hesitation: this is going to be your last life. You will not die without experiencing your immortality, your eternity.

It is very difficult to predict any such thing, because there are so many hazards. One can go astray from the very last step – just one step more and he would have arrived home, but one can go astray.

There is a Sufi story.

A king, who was not just a king, but also an enlightened human being, was talking to the court astrologer. He told the astrologer, “Your science is the most difficult one. Predicting anybody’s behavior, future, is almost an impossibility, because on each step there are crossroads, and one never knows where the person will start moving and changing. And life is so accidental and everything is in darkness; people are unconscious.”

But the astrologer said, “No, that is not so.”

The king said, “Then you will have to prove it by experiment. I know a beggar who sits just in front of the palace….”

In front of the palace there was a beautiful, big river, and the beggar used to come across the bridge to sit in front of the palace. And certainly he was the richest beggar; he was the royal beggar. And he was a very strong man – he had made it clear to all the beggars of the capital that this place belonged to him; nobody should ever try to enter here.

You may not know that beggars go on doing this. You may not be aware that you belong to some beggar, that no other beggar can approach you; you are a possession of some beggar.

In one of the cities where I used to go, I always used to find a beggar at the railway-station and I would give him one rupee. One time I went there, the beggar was not there. A young man was standing there. I said, “What happened? What happened to the old man?”

He said, “I am his son-in-law.”

I said, “Son-in-law? But where is the old man?”

He said, “He has given the railway station as a dowry to me. Now it belongs to me.”

Only then did I become aware that we may not know at all who the beggar is who possesses us, our house, our street… nobody knows. That is their decision amongst themselves; there are divisions.

So the palace of the king was the kingdom of the beggar. And the king said, ”Tomorrow when this beggar comes towards the palace, we will put a golden pot full of gold coins in the middle of the bridge. He comes so early that he is almost the first man to cross the bridge, and he will get hold of the pot and all the money that the pot contains.”

And the astrologer and the king and their other friends were waiting and watching from the palace. The beggar came, but they were all surprised: he was coming with closed eyes, with a walking stick to find the way. He was not blind; he had never been seen with a walking stick.

The astrologer said, “This is strange.”

And the beggar certainly missed the pot, because the bridge was big, and he was walking with closed eyes.

He reached the palace.

The king called to him, “What is the matter? You are not blind.”

He said, “No, I am not blind.”

”And you have never carried a walking stick.”

He said, “Never.”

“What happened today?”

He said, “Just this morning when I was coming out of my home, the idea arose in me that if I should become a blind man – anything can happen in this world; people become blind – will I be able to find my way to the palace? So I said, ‘It is better to try.’ I am not blind, but it is better to try, as a rehearsal, in case I become blind.”

The king said to the astrologer, ”Do you see my point? This man passed by the pot full of gold. But an idea in his mind… ‘If some day I become blind, it is better to have some rehearsal beforehand.’ And it is a coincidence that he has chosen today to practice it.”

It is very difficult to predict that somebody is going to become enlightened, because people have slipped from the very last step – they were just at the door of the temple and they turned back… some idea….

But about Jivan Mary, I am saying she is going to make it in this life. Her experiences show the purity of her heart. She is not a woman of the mind. And her purity has been growing, and death cannot be so cruel. She is going to become enlightened any day… but certainly before her death.

She should go on just as simply, as ordinarily, as humbly as she has been going up to now. She should not start thinking that she is going to become enlightened; otherwise the idea has entered, and can distract.

She should not bother about enlightenment or no-enlightenment. She is perfectly good as she is, and she should continue in her humbleness, in her love, in her purity, in her compassion.

Enlightenment will come on its own accord. She is not to desire it, she is not to expect it.


From The Osho Upanishad, Discourse #41

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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Jivan Mary’s Hallelujah – Osho

Sitting before you, feeling, your words flowing towards me from your great heart, I found my own heart bursting open and receiving the sun and moon of your being. Soon a great peace fell over me, followed by a never-known calmness so that I feel that I am resting in the arms of existence itself. I bow down before you in gratefulness to kiss the earth that gave you life. I lift my arms to the stars and sing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Beloved Master, because of you I am alive to realize the beauty, the joy, the purity of love that is the very expanse of existence. These words seem unable to express the truest feelings that arise from the depth of my being. But I bow down before you now, and again and again and again to dance, to sing, to shout: thank you, beloved Master, thank you, thank you, thank you. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Jivan Mary, there is much more yet to happen.

What has happened to you is immense.

What will happen to you will be greater, but remember one thing: it is never enough.

Existence is such an abundance — we cannot exhaust it. It is inexhaustible in its beauty, in its blissfulness, in its benediction.

You are feeling difficulties to express what is happening to you. And this is only the beginning — just think of the difficulties of those who have gone far ahead of you. There comes a moment when even to say that this cannot be said is not possible —because to say that this cannot be said is still saying something about it. It is still defining it in a very negative way.

There comes a moment when only silence, utter silence, remains your expression.

That is your thankfulness, that is your gratitude, that is your hallelujah… a dance which is invisible, a song which is not heard, a beauty which cannot be painted, described.

And only when we have come to the point where words are to be left behind does what I call ‘religiousness’ begin.

I do not say renounce the world, but I certainly say move towards the moment when you will have to renounce the word.

The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word.” Nobody knows about the beginning.

Nobody can know about the beginning, because nobody can be the witness about the beginning. If somebody had been witnessing the beginning then it would not have been the beginning, because somebody was already there.

The Bible may be right, may be wrong about the beginning, but I say unto you: In the end there is no word, and that has been witnessed by thousands of mystics in thousands of years past.

And the moment you come to realize that words are slipping out of your hands, that the boundary line of language is crossed… a tremendous innocence, a new childhood. For the first time you can understand that which cannot be spoken. You can understand the message of the wind blowing through the pine trees, you can understand the poetry of the sound of running water.

To be freed from language is to be freed from all human limitations.

Language is the greatest imprisonment.

I am happy that you are feeling a great difficulty to express something that you are experiencing. Slowly, it will become more and more clear that there is no word, no language, no concept to explain it, to express it.

Just silence is the only answer to all your questions, the only meeting with existence without any barrier, any wall.

As the language disappears, the mind is no more of any use. For the first time you contact existence directly, without the mediation of the mind — and that experience is enlightenment. And nobody is far away from it; it is within everybody’s reach.

But people are searching for their happiness where it does not exist. They are looking for living waters in deserts. And when frustration comes, failure comes, despair comes, they are angry at life, not angry at themselves.

What can life do? It is available, but somehow you manage to search in the wrong direction. Perhaps you are afraid, deep down, that life may be too much, love may be too much, existence may drown you.

And in a way, your fear is right: the closer you come to reality, the less you will be. The moment you encounter reality face to face, you will not be at all.

I have said many times that nobody has seen God — neither Moses nor Jesus nor Krishna.

And naturally, people have misunderstood me. Whenever I have said that nobody has seen God, I was not saying there is no God; I was simply saying the moment you come close enough to God to see, you are no more. Who is going to see God? As long as you are — to see, to feel, to say, to question, to inquire — God is not. And God is another name of reality. It is not a person, it is only a quality, a fragrance, a sweetness, a music.

Jivan Mary, one day will come when you will be in the state of hallelujah but you will not be able to say the word, because the word will fall short of the experience.


From Beyond Enlightenment, Discourse #4

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