O-Meditation Sangha

O-Meditation Sangha is a circle of friends in meditation. It is a group dedicated to introducing the teachings of the mystics, the ones in whom the greatest transformation has occurred, but especially practicing the meditations and teachings of the modern enlightened Master Osho.

Osho spent his whole life working to awaken as many individuals as possible through the practice of meditation. In addition to teaching the 112 ancient meditation techniques of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, Osho also devised new techniques designed specifically to overcome the complexities and busyness of the modern mind. And Osho has said that the very core of meditation is witnessing. Witnessing means “awarefulness.”

The teachings of Osho include the heart of Sufis, the silence of Zen and the transformation of Tantra. In his hundreds of discourses Osho also addressed the many issues facing the modern meditator including relationships, working in the marketplace and the transformation of consciousness.

Osho’s discourses incorporate the teachings of both ancient and contemporary masters. His discourses include talks on Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Sufi Masters, Zen Masters as well as Eastern mystics such as Kabir, Krishna, Guru Nanak and Western mystics such as Socrates, Pythagoras and Heraclitus. He also speaks on more contemporary masters, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharhsi, Meher Baba, Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti and so we too are open to the teachings of all enlightened mystics.

We meet irregularly at our home in Decatur, GA (Atlanta) as well as in other locations. Our sangha is open to those that are new to meditation as well as the experienced meditator.

We post any scheduled activities on the Osho Meditation Atlanta Meetup site.

If for any reason you wish to contact me, Prem Purushottama, you may do so at: pgoodnight(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Following are some other pages related to our Sangha:

Awaken the Master Within

Osho No-mind Meditations

Osho Satsang Meditations

Osho Book of Secrets Meditations

Shiva’s 112 Meditation Techniques (Vigyan Bhairava Tantra).

And here is a list of many downloadable books.

4 thoughts on “O-Meditation Sangha”

  1. Hi. I’m the editor of Awakening Clarity. I’ve been to your site before, but when I saw your link on Rupert’s site, I knew I needed to add you to my links list, which I did. If you have the time, I’d be grateful if you’d have a peek at us, and perhaps add us to your list. Thanks so much.

    Fred Davis


    1. Dear Fred,

      Thank you for your interest in Sat Sangha Salon. I too, have been visiting your site and so have now added it to our links.

      Love is Being,




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