Recollect Your Own Divinity – Osho

The dark no-moon night is descending. The birds have returned to their nests and in the gathering darkness there is great chirping on the trees before they retire. The lamps are being lit in the city. In a short while, the sky is going to be studded with stars and the earth glittering with lamps.

Two tiny dark patches of clouds are floating in the eastern sky. There is no companion with me – I am all alone. There is no thought, I am just sitting. How blissful it is just to sit! The sky and the galaxy of stars seem to have submerged me.

When there are no thoughts, the individual existence merges with the universal existence. There is only a small curtain; otherwise everybody is the existence himself.

There is a thin veil on our eyes, and it is hiding existence. This thin veil itself has become the world. The moment its cover is removed the doors to the kingdom of infinite bliss are thrown open.

Jesus Christ has said, “Knock and the doors shall open.” I say, “Just take a look – the doors are already open.”

One man was running towards the setting sun. He asked another man, “Where is the east?” The reply came, “You just turn around and you will have the east right before your eyes.”

All is present – what one needs is to turn one’s eyes in the right direction.

This statement has to be declared to the whole world. Even to have rightly listened to it is to have attained a lot. The trust in the divinity of oneself is half the attainment.

Just today I said to a friend who had come to see me, “The treasure is already within you, you have simply forgotten about it. Awaken the right remembrance, recollect your own divinity, know who you are. Ask yourself – and ask yourself to the extent that only this inquiry remains, resounding through your entire mind and being. Then its arrow moves directly to your unconscious, and a mystical response comes right in front of you on its own accord. To know this is to know everything.”

– Osho

From Seeds of Wisdom, Letter #107

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Turn Your Mind to Dharma – Anandamayi Ma

Ma in Samadhi

Having obtained the great boon of human birth, do not waste a single moment. Plants, trees, animals and birds also live for some time and after generating other plants, trees, animals and birds of their own species, pass away. If you too live in a similar manner, what difference is there between them and yourself? Everyone should make a strenuous effort not to leave this world with a “return ticket.”


Everyone without exception will have to put in strenuous effort. Men and women are equally endowed with the capacity to realize God. It is the duty of a human being to make human birth, which is such a rare boon, successful. Otherwise he has to continue in the round of births and deaths.

You will have to turn your mind to dharma, for dharma is the life of your life, the Self (Atma), established in eternal Truth. Who is that Self? You must certainly get to know this. For how much longer will you reside in inns and journey on the road that leads astray and is beset with dangers and adversity? It is imperative to find one’s own path, to start out on the pilgrimage to one’s Self—to renounce the merely pleasurable and adopt what is for one’s highest good.

-Anandamayi Ma

From Matri Vani, V. 2

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