Awaken the Master Within

Meditation is both the means and the goal. It is through meditation that we come to know that which we are Not, thus leaving us free to Be, that which we Are, Conscious Awareness.

Meditation is the goal because real meditation is awareness, our own pure consciousness. We have forgotten our own nature because this consciousness has gotten lost in the world of name and form. It has become identified with the body-mind and because of this identification the body-mind has become the master. The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Meditation is also the means to right this wrong relationship—to re-establish awareness, consciousness, as the Master.  It is through the witnessing consciousness that transformation is possible. It is through the awakening of intelligence that meditation brings the transformation. This intelligence is not of the mind. It is from beyond the mind. It is the light behind the mind. Once consciousness reclaims its rightful place as the Master then everything is naturally set right.

For most of their adult lives, Prem and Amido Goodnight have lived a life centered around meditation. They have had the good fortune to have studied and/or spent time with some of this age’s most profound meditation masters. Wishing to share all that has been received they are now available as meditation mentors in group and individual sessions.

Prem and Amido visiting with Ajja (Bhagavan Arabbi-Nithyanandam) in 2006

Because meditation is our natural state it cannot be taught. We can, however, identify and through understanding let go of that which is preventing our original nature from shining forth. Awaken the Master within and see for your Self.

May our inner flame illuminate the Way.   Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

For individual sessions contact Prem at (352) 214-7655 or

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