Osho/Music Satsang Meditations

Below you will find links to recordings that were compiled for Satsang Meditations. These files have not been created for entertainment but specifically for use in meditation.  And they are not intended to be used commercially in any way.  They are approximately one hour in length. The satsangs begin with silence (sometimes as much as 15 mins., so you may think they are not playing at the beginning), close with three bells and are made up of varying combinations of music, silence and Osho’s spoken words. We are grateful to the artists whose music we have employed in order to deepen the meditative experience. You can either play the files from here or download them by clicking on the three dots or by “right clicking” and choosing “save file as.” Enjoy!

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

You will also see that after each satsang there is a link to the playlist which has artist/album/song info. and times for each satsang.

Much of the music found on these Satsang Meditations can be purchased from New Earth Records.

The Satsangs with an * have been newly redone.

A Sunrise That Never Sets – Playlist

*Awareness is Never Lost Playlist

Buddha’s Method Was Vipassana – Playlist

*Crystalized Self and Big Strong EgoPlaylist

Does Witnessing Always Bring Joy – Playlist

Don’t Worry About Nothing – Playlist

Existence Is – Playlist

Forget the Content – Playlist

Go Beyond Through Experience – Playlist

How to See What Is – Playlist

*How to Start the Journey – Playlist

Is Awareness a Higher Value Than Love – Playlist

*I Teach the Religion of Here and Now – Playlist

Just Being Delighted – Playlist

Just Being is Zazen – Playlist

Light in the Seed – Playlist

Meditation Will Make You Awake – Playlist

*Mentors in MeditationPlaylist

No-Mind is Not Against Mind – Playlist

*Nothing is Unique Playlist

Only the Universe Is – Playlist

Religion is a Simple Affair – Playlist

Remain the Master – Playlist

*Rinzai Says Playlist

Silence Has Wings – Playlist

That Which Never Changes – Playlist

The Art of Watching – Playlist

The Choice is Yours – Playlist

The Eternity of Your Being – Playlist

*The Light You Seek – Playlist

The Observer Is the Observed – Playlist

There is Only One Watcher – Playlist

The Watcher is Not Amused – Playlist

This Delight is Enlightenment – Playlist

This Witnessing is the Buddha – Playlist

True Religiousness – Playlist

Wake Up Here Now – Playlist

What does “I” Mean – Playlist

*What is Meditation – Playlist

Who is Watching the Mind – Playlist

Why Can’t I Know God – Playlist

Why Does Man Live in a Circle – Playlist

Witnessing – Playlist

Witnessing and Let-Go – Playlist

Witnessing and the Heart-D. Darling – Playlist

Witnessing has a Beauty – Playlist

Witnessing Is Enough – Playlist

Witnessing is Not a Thought – Playlist

Witnessing is Real Meditation – Playlist

Witnessing: The Right Button – Playlist

You Are a Watcher – Playlist

Your Energy Makes Your Thoughts Move – Playlist

You may also like to explore Osho Book of Secrets Meditations.

And also Osho No-Mind Meditations.

4 thoughts on “Osho/Music Satsang Meditations”

  1. I have tried five days and it’s betifully designed.
    Very interesting and very profound.
    I am into vipassana meditation and this meditation is also taking us in to vipassana.
    I loved it.
    One must try new type of meditation and that is this one.
    I fully recommend.
    Sw.Prem Sakshi and Ma Prem Vasudha

    Liked by 1 person

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