Program #16: The Final Secret

In this module we will explore the Science of Awakening and experiment with Osho’s Witnessing meditation.

“This word sakshi is very beautiful and very valuable. The whole philosophy, genius and wisdom of the East is implied in this small word. The East has contributed no other more important word than sakshi, the witness, to the world.

What does sakshi mean? Sakshi means the seer, the witness. Who is this who is experiencing that “I am not the body”? Who is this experiencing that “I am not the mind”? Who is this who goes on denying that “I am not this, I am not this”? There is an element of seeing, of watching, of the watcher within us which sees, which observes everything.

This seer is the sakshi, the witness.”

From Fingers Pointing to the Moon, Discourse #3

Here you will find audio programs which are approximately 2 hours in length. They are divided into two parts so that you can take a short break in between if you wish. The first part is a listening meditation and the second is a satsang meditation. You can begin the program with Amido giving the invocation.

The Listening Meditation is simply an invitation to remain here and now, to Be present, to be in silence. And the way to enter this silence is through right listening, samyak shravan. Here is what Osho has said about samyak shravan.

The Satsang Meditation is comprised of alternating periods of silence, music and Osho’s spoken word. The satsangs begin with one bell and end with three bells and is an opportunity to sink ever more deeply into stillness, into silence.

The satsangs give us an opportunity to explore witnessing. From this place of silence, with closed eyes, we watch, we witness whatever appears within our consciousness. It may be sensations in the body, it may be thoughts in the mind and it may be feelings in the heart, all or any of these are allowed to reveal themselves without us judging and without analyzing. Our job is to discover the witness.

Below you will find the links to the files. You can either play the files by left clicking on the link or download them by “right clicking” and choosing “save file as.” Also included below are links for reading. Enjoy!

Here you can find all of the programs from the module Osho Sakshi and the Science of Awakening.

MP3 audio files of the complete discourses can be downloaded from or you can read the entire books online at the Osho Library.

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Listening Meditation:

The Path is Found (The New Alchemy #15)

The Final Secret (The New Alchemy #16)

Satsang Meditation:

The Final Secret – Satsang


The Path is Found

The Final Secret

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