Time Exists No More – Osho

As far as you are concerned, is your birthday just like any other day in the year? Or is it in some way special for you?

Time exists no more for me.

That’s why I have to go on looking at my watch, because I don’t have any sense of time. If I don’t look at my watch, I may speak for the whole night!

To me, every day is the same, every moment is the same.

But when I say every moment is the same, it means it has the same blissfulness, the same ecstasy, the same joy, the same silence, the same peace that passeth understanding.

I don’t see any difference between two points, between two days. As far as I am concerned, all differences have disappeared.

I live in absolute silence.

Even while I am speaking to you, believe it or not, I am silent. Only the mechanism of the mind is being used, but my consciousness is centered in absolute beauty and silence.


From Sermons in Stones, Discourse #12

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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