A Course in Witnessing

Osho spent his whole life working to awaken as many individuals as possible through the practice of meditation. In addition to teaching the 112 ancient meditation techniques of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, Osho also devised new “active” meditation techniques designed specifically to overcome the complexities and busyness of the modern mind. But Osho has also said that the very core of meditation is witnessing.

Osho has said:

“Real meditation is not a technique. Real meditation is just relaxing, sitting silently, letting it happen, whatsoever it is. Allowing the whole anxiety to come up, to surface. And watching it, watching it. And doing nothing to change it. Witnessing it is real meditation.

In that witnessing your Buddhahood will become more and more powerful. Witnessing is the nourishment for your Buddhahood. And the more powerful your Buddhahood is, the less anxiety there is. The day your Buddhahood is complete, all anxiety is gone.”
-Osho, from The Perfect Master, V.1, Discourse #8

A Course in Witnessing is made up of the following individual modules. The modules can be done independently, consecutively or in any order.

Osho Sakshi and the Science of Awakening: A Course in Witnessing

Osho Alchemy and the Fire of Awareness: A Course in Witnessing – in development

Osho Dhamma and the Secrets of Meditation: A Course in Witnessing

Osho Zen and the Mystery of No-Mind: A Course in Witnessing

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