Sat Sangha Salon: A Meeting in Meditation

Inspired by the salons of the Enlightenment which were gatherings to discuss truth and life as they saw it.

In this module we will be present with the words and silence of those in whom the greatest transformation has taken place. Although you can find differences in expressions, it is remarkable how much you will find in common. Ultimately they are all pointing to the same ground of Being and are speaking from the same silence.

Here you will find audio programs which are approximately 2 hours in length. They are divided into two parts so that you can take a short break in between if you wish. The first part is a listening meditation and the second is a satsang meditation. If you like you can begin the program with Amido giving the invocation.

The Listening Meditation is simply an invitation to remain here and now, to Be present, to be in silence. The power of listening is more when we can listen in presence without agreeing or disagreeing in a relaxed attentiveness, with attention without tension.

The Satsang Meditation is comprised of alternating periods of silence, music and sometimes spoken word. The satsangs begin with one bell and end three bells and is an opportunity to sink ever more deeply into stillness, into silence.

The satsangs give us an opportunity to explore witnessing. From this place of silence, with closed eyes, we watch, we witness whatever appears within our consciousness. It may be sensations in the body, it may be thoughts in the mind and it may be feelings in the heart, all or any of these are allowed to reveal themselves without us judging and without analyzing. Our job is to discover the witness.

The Mind – Vimala Thakar Meditation Program

The Fresh Waters of Life – Dada Gavand Meditation Program

An Experimental Approach – Douglas Harding Meditation Program

Is Thinking Necessary? – Toni Packer Meditation Program

This Light in Oneself – J. Krishnamurti Meditation Program

A Direct Apperception – Jean Klein Meditation Program

Are You Self-Realized? – Osho Meditation Program

I am Absolute Freedom – Osho Meditation Program

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