I Have Taken All Those Props from You – Osho

When you wiped out temples and worship and gachchhamis, I got a sinking feeling that maybe you had given up on us. The most shocking revelation of the past month has been the gross stupidity we have shown with our petty grievances and demands. We have been like a bunch of Bolshevik mice, acting like we want a revolution all by ourselves. We are not the mature, responsible people you are encouraging us to be, and I fear we are destroying the commune ourselves with our tinpot fantasies of freedom.

 Please provide some guidance about the order or discipline we need to keep the commune together and please, don’t give up on us.

 Even without your asking, even if I want to give up, I cannot. My love does not allow it. Order and discipline you have to find. I would not like you to depend on anybody to give you order and discipline. Just make a little effort – and it is not difficult.

If you go on depending on something, somebody, then any day there will be disorder. One day I may not be in my body. Then you will find yourself completely helpless. You don’t have even a father figure in God to pray to. I have taken all those props from you. I want you to be responsible of your own accord.

I had said yesterday that I will withdraw the buddhafield. I cannot do it. Whatever you are, I have loved you unconditionally, and I will love you to the very end, without expecting anything from your side.

The buddhafield remains. It was just to give you a shock, so that you can wake up a little and see that freedom does not mean disorder, freedom does not mean no discipline. Freedom means more order, more discipline, because now you are the master of yourself; nobody is dictating to you.

I have destroyed all dependence. Dependence keeps you helpless, and I want you to be independent, absolutely independent.

So just a little awareness – and whenever I find that you are missing that awareness, I am going to give you bigger shocks. I will not hesitate even to give you an electric shock. I am determined to wake you up. But it will be a joy if you wake up yourself.

So, don’t be worried about that. I know there are stupid people – it is not their fault; they have been brought up in a stupid society, educated by stupid teachers, professors, priests, churches. They are victims. They need all the compassion possible.

I know you can start taking advantage of freedom. But while I am here, it is not possible to take advantage. I will hit you directly on the head. That you will remember even after your enlightenment!


From From Bondage to Freedom, Discourse #25

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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