It is Pure Light, It is Pure Delight – Osho

One of the things I enjoy most in this life is hearing you describe the state of enlightenment. For those of us who listen, can you once again say something about the unsayable?

It is true that there is nothing more beautiful, more blissful than enlightenment — even the talk of it, even the faraway echo, even the shadow of it. The moon reflected in the water is not the real moon, but still it has tremendous beauty; and if the waters of your mind are silent, then the moon reflected in those waters is exactly the same.

It is not your experience, but it is someone’s experience you love, it is someone’s experience you trust. And just because you love and you trust, you start sharing the experience in a subtle way.

It is certainly difficult to say anything about it, although my whole life I have been saying things about it — and only about it. Even if, though, I am talking about other things, I am only talking to lead you towards an understanding of enlightenment.

It is your state of silence, it is your state of universal-hood.

It is you without the ego and its problems.

It is you without any questions and without any answer either — simply silent.

And there is no joy which can transcend this silence.

It is pure light, it is pure delight.

I can understand your question. Just to hear about it again and again is a necessary need, so you don’t forget why you are here.


From Beyond Psychology, Discourse #11

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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