Jean Dunn Journals – Being with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 1977-1981

Jean Dunn was one of Nisargadatta’s closest devotees. The “Jean Dunn Journals” cover the period of 1977-1981 when Jean Dunn was with Nisargadatta Maharaj, her teacher and guru. These never-before-seen journals offer great insights into Sri Nisargadatta’s highest teachings, during the last period of his life, when he had been diagnosed with throat cancer. They also reveal Jean Dunn’s closeness with her Guru and her journey from illusion to Reality. A riveting read! Nisargadatta acknowledged Jean as having realized her true nature. She was a Jnani in her own right. He instructed her to carry on his work after his body expired. She continued to make his teachings available, and initiate new students. She left the body in 1996.
-from the introduction

Below is a PDF of the out-of-print book.

A big thank you to Parvati Devi for this.

Jean Dunn Journals: Being with Nisargadatta Maharaj 1977-1981

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