Meher Baba Books

The following PDF files are provided for educational purposes. I have downloaded them  from various sources on the internet and in these uncertain times it seems wise to make them available on a multitude of sites.  I would encourage anyone who feels that they are enriched by the books to purchase hard-copies if they exist. Many of them are available from

God Speaks, part 1

God Speaks, part 2

Discourses, part 1

Discourses, part 2

Discourses, part 3

Discourses, part 4

Beams from Meher Baba

The Everything and the Nothing


In God’s Hand, part 1

In God’s Hand, part 2

Meher Baba and Me

Many of these books are available from:

3 thoughts on “Meher Baba Books”

    1. Lisa, it all depends on how one deefins awakening. The term realization is often used in its place to clear up some important features of how awakening actually functions. Realization is seeing things as they are, and this can happen long before one’s unskillful habitual patterns are fully dismantled. So, there are those who really can see things the way they are, and still be reactive jerks on occasion. That’s why I, and many others, stress the importance of integration. In this view, being fully awakened does not mean achieving perfection by any worldly standard. Rather, having realized the Truth, one settles into a way of being human that aligns with the Truth. The result (i.e. Fruition) is not static. That’s how I see it, anyway.


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