Authentic Being Through Meditation – Osho

Love. It is tragic but true that few people ever possess
their souls.

They possess everything except themselves.

And, then, naturally they just become a thing among their
other things.

And the possessor becomes the possessed.

“Nothing is more rare in any man,” says Emerson, “than
an act of his own”.

But this is just what can be expected.

Because, no one is ones own.

No one is oneself.

Most people are other people.

They are not living – but only acting roles given to them
by others.

Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions. And, their
faces are just masks.

They are faceless.

They have no authentic being at all.

There lives: a mimicry.

And, their passions: a quotation.

Break this vicious circle otherwise you will never BE.

Break this through meditation.

And, it cannot be broken by anything else.

Because through mind it cannot be broken.

And except meditation, all else is mind.

Mind is the prison.

Meditation: The Door.

And the only door.

-Acharya Rajneesh


Taken from The Gateless Gate

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

You can read the entire book online at the Osho Library.

Many of Osho’s books are available in the U.S. online from and Viha Osho Book Distributors. In India they are available from and

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