All that Exists is in You – Jean Klein

How can I come to know consciousness free from relation to things?

Become more aware of the moment a thought or activity comes to an end. Live in identity with this moment. You will feel the ego looking for a new thought to continue its existence. It cannot survive without the fuel of subject-object relation. When you are free of the self-image, your thinking is only an occasional vehicle. When there is nothing to think, you don’t think. Continual thinking is a defence, a fortress for the ego, nothing else. Become familiar in daily life with looking at situations without the intervention of the ‘I’ and its desires, aversions, resistances, preferences, etc. Sustain this motiveless looking and you will find that when the observer and observed are no longer fueled, they disappear. You will then be in looking itself. This simple looking, free from the doer and the done, is the timeless consciousness, the background of all activities.

-Jean Klein

From Who Am I? The Sacred Quest, page 88-89

Will you clarify the difference between being and existence?

Being, pure consciousness, is not in the categories of time and space any more than we can speak of infinity in terms of in and out. Existence is consciousness objectifying itself without cause or reason. It is energy dispersed or actualized in space and time. We could say functional consciousness is the link between being and existence. It is energy in repose, potential energy.

Your real nature is prior to all function. You are the light that makes function possible. Be this light. All that exists is in you. Nothing is outside. When you sit here the ground is affected in China, Paris and Benares. You are war and you are peace.

-Jean Klein

From Who Am I? The Sacred Quest, page 89-90

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