Spontaneous Stillness – Jean Klein

When you come to the point that you really see that there is nothing to be taught, nothing to become, to attain, then you are free from all expectation, all dynamism to produce. It is a normal, spontaneous stillness. You are open to what you are and the presence that you call a teacher is knowingly established. Poetically speaking, it is a transmission of the flame but there is nothing transmitted. Transmission is only a way of speaking. You are stimulated.

You live mainly in a landscape furnished with many objects. You are attracted by all the objects, but in this attraction you completely lose the sense of space.  When we speak of light it means that there is an absence of all representation. When you do not project an absence of consciousness onto the absence of objects, you will suddenly feel yourself in a completely new dimension of space.

Enlightenment is only the moment when there’s the absolute understanding that what you call the “me,” the “I” is nothing other than a fabrication of the mind. This understanding is the freeing of the mind, the freeing of the self, and you feel yourself in openness, in this not-knowing.

-Jean Klein

From Living Truth, p. 151-152

You can read more from Jean Klein here.

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