Do Not Begin with Advait, Begin with Existence – Osho

So the first thing to remember is not to begin with division. Only then do you begin rightly. I do not mean to begin with the concept that “I am one.” I do not mean that. Then again you begin with a concept. Just begin in ignorance, in humble ignorance; with a basis of “I do not know.”

You can say that body and mind are separate, or you can take the opposite position and can say, “I am one. Body and mind are one.” But this statement still presupposes a division. You say one, but you are feeling two. Against the feeling of two you assert oneness. This assertion is again a subtle suppression.

So do not begin with advait, with a nondual philosophy. Begin with existence, not with concepts.

Begin with a deep, non-conceptualized consciousness. That is what I mean by a right beginning.

Begin to feel the existential. Do not say one or two; do not say this or that. Begin to feel what Is. And you can only feel what Is when the mind is not there, when concepts are not there, when  philosophies and doctrines are not there – really, when language is not there. When language is absent, you are in the existence. When language is present, you are in the mind.


From Psychology of the Esoteric, Discourse #5

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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