The Satori Event – Osho

Hubert Benoit also says that satori has two meanings. One is the satori-state in which everybody is – the birds and the trees and the mountains and you and all the buddhas – past, present, future. The whole existence is in the state of satori. This is another way of saying that godliness is everywhere, in everything; that godliness is the soul of everything. Buddhahood is everybody’s nature. And the second is the satori-event. Every man is from all eternity in the state of satori. The satori-event is only that historic, anecdotal instance when man suddenly ceases not recognizing that he has always been in the satori-state.


From The Sun Rises in the Evening, Chapter One

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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2 thoughts on “The Satori Event – Osho”

  1. In “Satori in Paris” Jack Kerouac writes that satori is the japanese word for a state of enlightment, clarity. But I suppose either way satori is a hightened state, a state where you and everything are one.


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