Let Love Be Your Only Law – Osho

let love be your meditation

let love be your only law

i have only one commandment

because to me the whole religiousness

is contained in this single word


all the bibles, all the gitas, all the korans

if in any scripture there is something valuable

then it is bound to be some aspect of love

love has many aspects

it is a multi-dimensional phenomenon

the way to find it is meditation

meditation simply means becoming utterly silent

so that your mind is no more an interference

mind is full of desires, motives, goals, purposes

and love cannot be found by the mind

because love has no motive, no purpose

love has nothing to achieve, nothing to gain

it is not a means to some end

it is an end unto itself

hence mind is incapable of even comprehending

what love is

mind has to be put aside

that putting aside of the mind

is what meditation is all about

when the mind is put aside

you are in a state of meditation

no-mind is meditation

and in that state, love blossoms

suddenly you explode into love

your whole life becomes an overflowing love

but without silence it is not possible

one has to attain to such a deep silence that

not even a slight tremor of the mind remains in it

not even a small ripple of thought, desire

motive, greed, anger, no past, no future

when mind has completely ceased

then one hears the music of silence

the song of silence

the Sound of One Hand Clapping


From The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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