A Special Perfume – Jean Klein

Find yourself in a state of non-conclusion, free from assertion, because all that is concluded is an object. What you are fundamentally is not an object, can never be perceived. When you look for it you can only find something perceived, an object. Realizing this brings you back to looking without looking for anything. Then you are in astonishment. In astonishment you are where there is no object, very near your real nature.

In daily life transpose this understanding. Do not be driven to conclusions. It is the I-concept that makes conclusions. In the absence of an I-image you are completely free from the need to conclude. Then, free from intention, you discover your spontaneous being. In living open to your surroundings without concluding or interpreting, there comes a moment when you are open to the openness. It is a feeling that you are the vastness. Understanding must absolutely dissolve this feeling of being understanding. This understanding is a silent feeling, an absence of all representation. At first when you say “I have understood,” there is a representation, but this representation dissolves in knowing. The representation belongs to knowledge and knowledge dissolves in knowing. When knowledge dissolves in knowing, there is really being the knowing. You are the knowing.

Generally, you never give enough time so that knowledge dissolves in knowing. First see how the knowledge acts on you. The understanding must be really clear, because only clear understanding can dissolve in knowing. When this clear understanding appears, live with it, free from manipulation of the already known. The knowledge unfolds and becomes clear understanding before dissolving. This unfolding in silence has a special taste, a special perfume. You may have this perfume now or later. It is this taste which is important to remember. All other things exist, but this perfume is.

-Jean Klein

From Living Truth, page 259-260

You can read more from Jean Klein here.

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