Happiness is Causeless – Jean Klein

What motivates us to even begin to look at percepts and concepts as objects?

We are in a constant search for freedom, for some way to transcend insecurity. This feeling of insecurity or fear is itself the motive to go beyond it, a process demanding investigation and inquiry. Take note that in obtaining a desired object there may be momentary freedom from fear, but the desired object is not really the cause of this. The security experienced at such times has no place for an image of an object or of someone who obtains it. There is only happiness. After you leave this happiness the ego wants to attribute to some cause so it says, “I was happy because I met such and such a person . . . I was happy because I heard some beautiful music . . . “and so on.

When you follow this investigation to the end you discover you are this happiness. You see that in reality we can’t speak in terms of cause and effect, for happiness is causeless. From this moment you spontaneously drop volition and effort. You remain constantly open. There is no longer a sense of separation and consequently no insecurity or fear.

-Jean Klein

From The Ease of Being, page 54

You can read more from Jean Klein here.

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