Conversion of Consciousness – Dada Gavand

Meditation is not a thought activity. It is not concentration, nor a hopeful mind pursuit. Meditation is seeing the whole game of the mind while being aloof and quiet within.

In quietude you will discover a new sensitivity—uncommitted energy—which will guide you to see, and help you understand all the activities and subtleties of the mind.

This sensitivity needs energy for its own consolidation. It will stay aloof and attentive, uninvolved in thought-emotion.

Through this new sensitivity you will gather and convert the life energy now being dominated and used by the mind.

In alert and watchful attention, thought activity gets converted into sensitivity: a pure life energy which pulsates in the now.

Nowness is timelessness, the beginning and end of time.

You need not go anywhere, to anyone, to any book to find this secret of life, the hidden abode of the unknown.

Right now, in this moment, by going into yourself, with attentive watchfulness and with understanding you can convert thought-energy and all the subtle movements of the mind.

Conversion of this mind activity is the master key that opens the door to the inner kingdom. The whole secret of religion is this transmutation of energy: the dimensional change in consciousness…

This inner kingdom of new-dimensional existence is the gift of the unknown, and the legacy of human beings, the birthright of you and me.

-Dada Gavand

From Towards the Unknown, pages 34-36

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