Last Breath of the Old – Osho

There seems to be a resurgence of conservatism, not only in politics but in people’s search for inner strength, for truth, peace. Groups such as the Moral Majority appear to be gaining ground, strengthening their influence. What is the driving force behind this resurgence?

How does it conflict or differ from your teachings?

It always happens, whenever society comes to a point of revolution, the conservative forces have resurgence; for the simple reason — to prevent the revolution that is oncoming. It is a defense measure. But in fact, it is an acceptance of defeat.

Conservative forces either in politics or in religion remain silent when they are certain that nothing is going to overthrow them. But when they see the danger, they collect all their energies to prevent any rebellion, any change, any transformation; so it is a good sign. It is just like at the time of death it happens always that the person simply becomes perfectly healthy. All diseases disappear. It is the last effort of his life energy. He risks everything because death is so close. Now he cannot be moderate. Before a candle dies, the flame of the candle burns the brightest. It is a natural phenomenon.

You are asking me, “Why it is happening?” It is happening because man is at the very door where either he has to die or to transform. You will see this resurgence all over the world. But this is a resurgence that certifies the victory of the revolution. The old society is at the point of death. Before dying it will make its last effort to survive. But a last effort is a last effort. It cannot survive.

And you are asking me how I see it in reference to my ideology. I rejoice, because I can see the death, and I can see the conservative forces resurging with great energy. To me, it is a rejoicing, a moment of celebration. The new is going to happen very soon; the old is having its last breath.


Excerpt from The Last Testament, V. 5, Discourse #21

An interview with Kathy Gannon, Foto Press, January 14, 1986, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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