Religion-A Simple Phenomenon – Osho

Religion is a very simple phenomenon. Theology has nothing to do with religion. It makes things unnecessarily complex. Religion is a simple awareness of whatever you are doing, wherever you are. And when this awareness surrounds you always like a luminous aura you for the first time become aware of the universe – – its beauties, its music, its eternal song. And to me that is the religious experience. In religious experience you don’t encounter a God. There is nobody there, just this pure existence. But it is all alive — these flowers, these birds on the wing, these stars — everything is alive, but because you are asleep you cannot experience the aliveness that surrounds you.

And we are not islands. No man is an island. We are part of this whole living, infinite continent. Those flowers are part of us just as we are part of them. Those faraway stars are within us as we are within the universe. That experience of unity, of at-onement, is liberation.

So my teaching is very simple: meditation is the key, becoming totally aware is the result. Experiencing oneness with the whole is the reward. “You are three, we are three, have mercy on us.”

This is my trinity: meditation, awareness, oneness.


Excerpt from  The Last Testament, Vol. 2, Discourse #7

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

Here you can listen to the discourse excerpt Religion is a Simple Phenomenon.

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