Behind the Mind – Jean Klein

There are moments when you hear sounds, but you can’t distinguish anything. As long as you have ears, it will be so. This kind of audibility, which is not really hearing, is there. Likewise, the eyes may be open and you do not see any special object, there is nothing seen and nothing heard. But meditation, presence, is everywhere there. Very often people close their eyes or ears in a kind of introversion. This kind of introversion does not bring them to meditation. Meditation is when all is present. All that is, all that you are, is in this stillness. It is beyond the stillness of the senses, of the mind. It is behind the mind. You can have it before the body wakes up in the morning. The world is not awake because the body creates the world, but there are moments when you are lying down where there is nobody present and nothing is present, but there is presence.

-Jean Klein

From Living Truth, pages 243-244

You can read more from Jean Klein here.

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