So Why Not Do It Now – Osho

These days when you say the word ‘witness’, it has the same impact that the words ‘love’ or ‘relationship’ once had. I listen as if it is actually food to nourish something vital inside.

Is that the art of the Master – to arouse appetites one never knew one had?

Yes, Maneesha. The whole function of the master is to make you aware of your own thirst, of your own appetites, of your own longings that you have been avoiding facing. The whole art of the master is exactly to make you thirsty, hungry to reach to your own being – because unless you reach to your own being you will remain blind, and you will remain in darkness.

You will suffer birth and you will suffer death, and you will suffer all that happens between these two… to take you beyond suffering, to allow you the freedom of the whole sky… to create an intense urgency, because one never knows: I may not be here tomorrow; you may not be here tomorrow.

Tomorrow is so uncertain – one has to gather all his forces in this moment if he wants to do something.

Reaching to your center is not something that can be postponed. Everything else can be postponed, but not your entering into your center, because that is the very purpose of life. That is the only goal worth anything. And it is your source, so if you make an intense effort to search for it, you are bound to find it.

Nobody can miss being a buddha; one can only postpone. You can postpone for tomorrow, for another life – but sooner or later, this century or another century, you cannot ultimately avoid coming into contact with your own nature. So why not do it now?


From Isan: No Footprints in the Blue Sky, Discourse #4

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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