The Choice is Yours – Osho

I am energy that becomes thoughts and emotions. I am the expression of those thoughts and emotions. I am the witness of those thoughts and emotions. Which of this holy trinity is the closest to the unique being that is me?

The last category, energy as awareness, is the closest to the very center of existence. Then thinking goes a little far away, then expression goes a little farther away. In turning back from expression to thinking, and from thinking to non-thinking and just pure awareness, you are closest to yourself and to existence itself.

In emotions, in thoughts, in expressions, it is the same energy, but it is moving towards the periphery, the circumference, not towards the center. The closer you are to the circumference, the farther you are away from yourself.

Drop backwards step by step. It is a journey to the source, and the source is all that you need to experience… because it is not only your source, it is the source of the stars and the moon and the sun. It is the source of all.

You can move towards the periphery. That’s what people are doing. It is the same energy, just the direction is different – the energy going outward, going further away from yourself. It is the same energy. Remember, I am not saying that it is different energy, but it is going further away from yourself. You will come to know many things, but you will never know yourself.

Coming closer to yourself, it is the same energy. And to know oneself should be a singular goal for every intelligent person in the world; otherwise, you can know the whole world and yet remain ignorant about yourself. Your whole knowledge is futile. You may not know anything, but if you know yourself, your life will be of peace, love, silence, and of great ecstasy.

The choice is yours.


From The Path of the Mystic, Discourse #35

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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