Three Levels of Body Consciousness – Osho

…Another, still deeper, thing also needs to be understood in the context of body purification: whenever you experience yourself in the body, then the way you experience it will have an effect on the whole structure of the body. If a man thinks he is the body, this man will end up having the most impure body. Another thinks he is not the body but lives within the body: this person will have a more pure body than the first. Yet another man thinks that he is not the body nor is he living within the body – that he is beyond the body: this man will have the purest body of all. This means that the more identified you are with the body, the more heavy and dull it will become, and the more distance there is between your body and your self the lighter your body will become. The more of a gap there is between your consciousness and your body, the more the body is purified in this gap. The smaller this gap is, the more impure the body will become. For a pure body it is essential that there be a gap between the body and the consciousness…

…Take note of these three levels of understanding: I am the body, I am within the body, I am beyond the body. If someone wants to purify the body totally, he will have to constantly remember that he is beyond the body, not just within but beyond, separate, at a distance.


Excerpt from Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Discourse #5

Flight of the Alone to the Alone

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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