Your Pure Gold – Osho

Is it useful for those of us with you to try to understand what is happening in our meditation and growth, and to be able to articulate it? Or do we just need to watch? 

Maneesha, you just need to watch. The moment you start thinking, “What is happening?” mind will come back. If you start analyzing, mind will come back. Whatever you do, except watching, mind will come back. That is the only enemy to be avoided, and watching is the only shelter in which the mind cannot enter.

Your question is significant. One tends to think, “What is happening?” and analyze it. But one is unaware of the fact that in this effort of analyzing, finding explanations, mind has come back from the back door. By watching, we are trying to get free from mind. All other activities belong to the mind.

So you need only to watch, you need only to get as deep in watching as you can. Go deeper and deeper to such an extent that mind is left miles back, and only a pure witness is there. That is your pure gold, that is your buddha.


From Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, Discourse #5

Rinzai: Master of the Irrational

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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