Be Quiet. Be Loving. Be Fearless. – Ma Satya Priya

A visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India

To watch new people, especially older people, enter this beautiful bookshop and look at the books and audio CDs; to see them trying to pick one that will perhaps help them the most; to see them go from one to the other and finding it so difficult to choose, is so touching. There is a quality of innocence in the search.

This Osho Buddhafield, the likes of which exists nowhere on this suffering planet, is awesome. To be in the auditorium with hundreds and hundreds of men and women in beautiful white robes, dancing wildly, dancing as they never have before; meditating, listening to Osho on video, laughing at the jokes he reads so carefully, to see them walking across the bridge on the way out of the auditorium and the reflections of the white robes on the water in the darkness of night, sends me totally inside. The beauty is so all-encompassing, I can only go in. This Master, how he works. Things may not be as they appear in Osho’s `Buddhafield. He doesn’t tell us to sit for years, he tells us to move, to cathart (until we can’t anymore), to dance, to sing, to celebrate, and all this outer wealth leads to the wealth inside, because everything is imbued with meditation in a way that has never happened before and I doubt that it will ever happen again.

To see myself, after 30 years, still being totally blown away by the never-ending details that Osho covered in his movements, in his words, in his silence – in an attempt to reach not only every nook and corner of the earth, but every nook and corner of our beings. That there are not millions of people here is a reflection of how poverty stricken this planet is; how committed we are to war, to starvation, to continuing to “live” with pin-headed vision. It seems that very few people have heard him when he said he has a palace waiting for us and we are sitting in the porch. The world insists on a dirt road when there is a most amazing highway.

I heard him say, “I am an invitation”. Of course, it is a dangerous invitation. It is an invitation to expanding our vision, to becoming more beautiful, to go beyond the fear of death, to enjoy this brief little journey we have been given on this beautiful planet, to live with the highest intelligence, the greatest riches.

Perhaps even more mind-boggling are the hundreds of  thousands who have been here and are now stuck in their judgments about the way the resort is being run, thinking they could do it better. Has anyone ever done anything without someone thinking they could do it better? I too have gone through my resistance to change, but perhaps I’m blessed with having been able to go through it. How difficult it is to just simply trust. What is happening here is meditation; is Osho’s energy running through everything. I know many of us miss singing the old songs. But meditation is not about nostalgia. We always want to cling to the past, refusing to see how quickly it becomes dead, refusing to see how Osho was constantly changing everything in the most minute ways. Life is change. And the changes here are happening around the unchanging essence.

While in the bookshop one morning, I pulled a card from the Buddha deck. It said Be Quiet. Be Loving. Be Fearless.

Love, Ma Satya Priya

An account of her previous visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort can be found here, Banned Forever: The Layers of the Onion.

4 thoughts on “Be Quiet. Be Loving. Be Fearless. – Ma Satya Priya”

  1. Love and gratitude. You put words to how I feel about OIMR. Osho’s presence there is so strong it blows me away completely.
    The work that has been done there is to me totally stunning. The beauty is mesmerizing. With love Ishvari


  2. Dear Satya Priya….Thank you for your beautiful words.They touch me.And I am looking forward to visit the Buddhafield again,new,with fresh eyes,from a fresh heart.Love Bhaven


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