Be a Rare Person – Osho

Daio wrote:

The sphere of perfect communion
Is clear everywhere.
The water is alive,
The willow eyes are green.
Why are people these days
In such a great hurry?
In each land,
The sphere of perfect communion.
Those who go right in
Are rare.

Daio is saying: everything is so beautiful, the stars and the trees and the birds, why can’t you simply sing and dance and join into the cosmos? Where are you hurrying to? Wherever you go you will be frustrated, because the thing that you are trying to find is hidden within you.

This very moment can become your illumination. Not a single step has to be taken.

In each land,
The sphere of perfect communion.
Those who go right in
Are rare.

Just go right in, be a rare person! Don’t search it outside. This is the whole teaching of all the buddhas.

Maneesha has asked one question:

Our Beloved Master,

I have met someone with enlightened eyes who does not just bring us water to drink, but showers us with it. And yet, and yet . . . are we so neurotic, so complex, so far removed from innocence, that we can only receive that for which we have suffered?

It is the whole wrong training of the religions, of the societies, of the cultures, which says that unless you deserve a thing, unless you are worthy of it, you cannot get it. That is the reason, Maneesha, that if I tell you that you are enlightened, you look here and there. You cannot trust — “My god, I am enlightened! And I have not done anything. I have not tortured myself; I have not prayed. I have not fasted; I don’t know the scriptures.”

But I say to you that for everything except enlightenment you will have to work. If you want money, you cannot sit with closed eyes. If you sit with closed eyes, you may even lose money — somebody may cut your pocket. For money you have to work hard. If you want political power, you have to work hard. You have to be cunning; you have to be dishonest; you have to be a hypocrite. You have to use all kinds of right or wrong means to achieve the end. Only enlightenment, in the whole phenomenon of existence, is without any need to deserve it.

It is already there. You can deny it as long as you want, you can find excuses as long as you want, but finally you will be tired of excuses and you will have to accept it — “Yes, I am enlightened.”

It is just a totally different phenomenon. It is neither money, nor power, nor prestige, nor reputation. You don’t have to learn it; you don’t have to earn it. It is in your very heart; it is your heartbeat. You have just to look into your own being.


From The Language of Existence, Discourse #6

Copyright © OSHO International Foundation

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