There is No Other Work – Osho

I can think of nothing that I wish more clearly than to come closer to your inner temple. Is this possible while I am still doing my own thing? Or is it a prerequisite to drop all activities and interests not connected with you and your work?

If you really are doing your own thing, you have come closer to my inner temple. There is no other way. I am here to help you to do your own thing. I am not here to drag you away from your own thing. That’s what the so-called religions have been doing all along.

Remember this: I am not to make anything out of you.

If you can be yourself, it is enough – more than enough. If I can help you to be yourself then the right thing has happened. If, in some way, I become an opportunity to distract you from your own being, then I am an enemy, not a friend.

So never again think it a prerequisite to drop all activities and interests not connected with me and my work. You are my work. You are my activity. Nothing else is more important than you. You are supreme; there is no higher value than you. So if you are fulfilled, my work is done. If you are blissful, my activity is fulfilled. There is no other work. I have no idea, ideology that has to be fulfilled through you – no.

I am, at the most, just an opportunity where you can find yourself. When you reach to your innermost home, you have reached to my temple. And there is no other way.


From The True Sage, Discourse #4

Copyright © OSHO International Foundation

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