The Deep Pit of Liberation – Osho

Do not immediately settle down in peaceful stillness. In the teachings this is called “The deep pit of liberation.”

“The deep pit of liberation” – there is a danger for all seekers, for all people of the path, that you may settle for a small treasure. Just a little silence, a little relaxation, a little peace, and you may think you have come home. This they call the “deep pit of liberation.” You have settled long before you have blossomed.

So one has to be alert not to settle anywhere. Just go on growing – allow your potential to grow. Don’t start feeling, “I have come, I have arrived.” Your potential is immense, and your treasure is incalculable.

So go on and on and on . . . and you will find more and more peace, more profound spaces, more juicy experiences. Your desert-like life you will find slowly turning into a green beautiful garden. You will find many, many flowers blossoming within you. Just go on . . . there is no end to your growth.

One never comes to the end of one’s growth. It is always coming closer – but just coming closer. You cannot come to the end of the road because existence is eternal, and you are one with existence. Your journey, your pilgrimage, is also to be eternal.


From The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, Discourse #11

Copyright © OSHO International Foundation

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