Be The Last Poem

And now we come to the end

Or is it the beginning

It is here we start afresh

So much is gone

How much is unborn

We take leave of becoming

Being what has always been

If only we had known

From the very beginning

That we are what we



This post is from a collection of essays, stories, insights and poems that have occurred to me along the Way titled Here to Now and Behind.

2 thoughts on “Be The Last Poem”

  1. Prem G , Peace be with you and blessings from the Lord. I live in ventura ,ca and have given my talents to playing gospel guitar at a local non denominational church . Many years have passed an it is wonderful to find you again . Chuck Boyd has posted your site and Vivian and Ladonna will contact you soon i’m sure . Mike O Neal is here also . I would love to establish contact with you ! Peace Love to you -bill


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