Purposelessness in Infinite Existence – Meher Baba

Reality is Existence infinite and eternal.

Existence has no purpose by virtue of its being real, infinite and eternal.

Existence exists. Being Existence it has to exist. Hence Existence, the Reality, cannot have any purpose. It just is. It is self-existing.

Everything—the things and the beings—in Existence has a purpose. All things and beings have a purpose and must have a purpose, or else they cannot be in existence as what they are. Their very being in existence proves their purpose; and their sole purpose in existing is to become shed of purpose, i.e., to become purposeless.

Purposelessness is of Reality; to have a purpose is to be lost in falseness.

Everything exists only because it has a purpose. The moment that purpose has been accomplished, everything disappears and Existence is manifested as self-existing Self.

Purpose presumes a direction and since Existence, being everything and everywhere, cannot have any direction, directions must always be in nothing and lead nowhere.

Hence to have a purpose is to create a false goal.

Love alone is devoid of all purpose and a spark of Divine Love sets fire to all purposes.

The Goal of Life in Creation is to arrive at purposelessness, which is the state of Reality.

–  Meher Baba

From The Everything and the Nothing, # 61

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3 thoughts on “Purposelessness in Infinite Existence – Meher Baba”

  1. Beauty.Great understanding.

    Osho has great regard for Meher Baba and many times he

    told that he settled in Pune out of love for Meher Baba.

    After so many centuries a mystic is born in the Parsi

    community in the form of Meher Baba but they rejected

    him but Hindus adored him as Avatar.He visited our place

    many times and there is a large following for him in our area.

    Thank you so much Prem for sharing.


  2. I agree with this thought completely … in fact I had written a few lines on this aspect of Life a few years ago in which I have differentiated ‘No purpose’ in life from the ‘Realisation of its purposelessness’ …here are those lines ….

    When it has no purpose
    You are treating it as waste
    When it is pursued with some purpose
    You are more often than not in haste
    When its purposelessness is realized
    You start enjoying its sweet ’n’ sour taste



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