Meditation – Dada Gavand

Meditation… Meditation…

It is not the focusing of attention.

Nor is it narrowing of Consciousness,

It is not the thought in its exclusion

Meditation… Meditation…

It is not the glorified experience

Nor is it a flight of wishful will

It is not an enforced silence!

What is true Meditation?

It’s a perception of mind’s entire movement,

An aloof attention in the present,

Witnessing without any one witnessing

A Total Experience of the Moment!

Meditation… Meditation…

A transparent flow of Internal Energy,

Without any hindrance or deception,

With tranquility and clarity.

Meditation… Meditation…

An experience of Enormous,

A moment of total fulfillment,

A creative timeless Existence,

That is true Meditation;

that is true Meditation!

-Dada Gavand

The poem is posted at: Tao News Blogspot

To see more from Dada look here.

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