In this Openness All is Open – Jean Klein

It is important that you become more and more aware of your body, aware of what you are not. So you must explore what you are not. In the exploring situation you are detached from what you explore, there is space between the exploration and what is explored.

You will come to the absolutely relaxed body. This is not a passive body, but is an energetic, dynamic, elastic body. This exploration can take place in all your daily activities, so that you don’t go back in the old pattern of defense, tension.

When you have this relationship with your sensitive body you will have this relationship with other levels of your body. You will find yourself out of the process, autonomous, free from your body-image. The moment you look at the body, you are free from it. But you must first learn how to look without any end-gaining.

There are many opportunities in the day to bring back the perception to the perceiving where there’s not a perception and not a perceiver. It is the inner, deep stillness where nobody is still and nothing is still. There’s only stillness. There are moments when it comes to you because it looks for you. Or in other words, it looks for itself because there are not two. It solicits itself by itself.

You will also become more and more free from the self-image once you have seen that it has no existence, that it is completely built of memory. You will use it less and less and, and in the end it has no more role to play, it will disappear. Then you will live really in openness. In this openness all is open, nothing is closed. Every object comes to the openness, appears and disappears in openness, refers to the openness. Then there’s spontaneous action free from reactions.

So you must be open to all the levels of your body and mind, your muscular tension, emotivity and defense. Only in this openness is transmutation possible.

-Jean Klein

From Living Truth, page 223-224 

You can read more from Jean Klein here.

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