When Does The Journey Begin?

When does the inner journey begin?

According to Dada Gavand (affectionately known as Dadaji) :

You start when you begin to see within yourself the constant pursuits of various desires, fears and hopes.

You start when you become conscious of these subtle desires working all the time without stopping.

You start when you recognize that you are never reaching a point where you remain fulfilled.

You start when you discover that you do not really know what you want in life beyond food, shelter and a few necessities.

You start when you see that the mind is not interested in peace but only in its own pursuits.

You start when you perceive and recognize that the mind is nothing but the burden of bygone memories.

You make a real clean start when you begin to watch every incoming thought and understand how the past is trying to continue at the cost of present, calling itself ‘I’.

So now let’s begin.

To see more from Dada look here.

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