Only the Universe Is – Osho

The other night I heard you say there is no reincarnation, no soul, so spirit after death, only pure consciousness, pure silence.

Is it then so, that part of us, of our own consciousness, is aware of that endless silence, of being part of the whole?

All your questions arise out of your mind, and I am trying to take you beyond the mind. Beyond the mind there is no question, there is nobody to ask. But if you start thinking about meditation, that is not meditation. If you start thinking, “What happens when awareness witnesses the wholeness of existence?” – if you start thinking, you are moving inside the mind in a circle, in a vicious circle, you may find some answer, but that answer is not the truth.

You have to go beyond thinking, beyond questioning.

Just be silent and you will know.

You are not, only the universe is.

You are just a ripple in the river, arisen in a certain moment and dissolved back again, but not for a single moment separate from the river. This whole existence is nothing but a vast ocean in which all kinds of ripples, tidal waves, arise and disappear, and the ocean remains.

That which remains is your authentic reality. That which comes and goes is just a dream, or just a phenomenal, illusory reality. For a moment the tidal wave can think, “I am separate from the ocean.”

But you know, however the wave may be tidal, it is not separate from the ocean. Even when it is thinking it is separate – and it looks separate – deep down it is part of the ocean.

I am taking you deep down into the ocean. In that ocean nobody is separate. Suddenly a tremendous joy arises that you are eternal, that you are oceanic, that you have always been and you will always be… but not those small personalities that you have taken again and again. This time you stop taking personalities and simply become the whole.

The whole feels more cozy than nothingness, but they are simply two ways of saying the same thing. The whole appears cozy, it seems you are becoming more than you were before. And nothing seems dangerous – you are becoming even less than you were before. You were at least something, now you are becoming nothing. But becoming whole, you have to become nothing. Becoming part of this vast existence, you have to relax the separateness, the individuality.


From The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself, Chapter Seven

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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7 thoughts on “Only the Universe Is – Osho”

  1. When osho says – you are not only universe is..

    Does it mean, only the universe exist and you and i don’t exist?

    Since the deep core, the being, the creator, nothingness, the universe whatever you call is one, so how can i call it the self? as enlightened being call it the real self, your true self.

    If each and every persons being is the one source, that nothingness how can we say i am that, i am the universe as everyone will say the same?

    so do we move from having the sense of self form body to nothingness?

    or is it more correct to say only universe or nothingness is and i don’t exist?


      1. Yeah, i am doing sadhna daily to find out myself, but during the day mind comes in play and wants to skip to goal, knowing. I know mind cannot understand but still its greedy to know more..

        By the way nice blog, Loved the articles..I could’t find “about me” section. So i am curious to know about you.. Any thing you can share about you..Where are you from? Any experience of reality? Hehehehe..sry for bugging you..

        You can also reply on mail –


  2. We are very cunning and dishonest to ourself. We search, read and for a moment be happy that what we know is beyond other’s comprehension. Whatever we do, whatsoever, we are still protecting ourself we just kind a want it, we dont have enough thirst for what we want.

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