The Watcher is Not Amused – Osho

Is the watcher amused? 

The watcher cannot do anything except watch. If it is amused, it has lost its watching. There may be amusement but that will be part of the mind. The watcher will watch it, too.

The watcher cannot do anything else but be a watcher. The moment it does anything else, the watcher slips back and it is the mind.

The watcher is not amused.

And there is nothing in the world for the watcher to be amused about. The world is so miserable that if the watcher could weep and shed tears that may have been the right thing for it to do, but it has no eyes, no tear glands.

So remember it: even when you are feeling blissful, it is not the watcher who becomes blissful.

The watcher is still watching the blissfulness. Whatever happens, the watcher simply reflects it.

That’s why, ultimately, when everything has gone, only the watcher remains. Its experience can be compared with no experience of your mind. Blissfulness, ecstasy, benediction – they are all below it; it is always behind them. It is simply the watching.

There is one temple in India. In that temple there is no statue. Just on a marble rock there are two eyes. They signify the watcher. No expression in those eyes.

That’s why the ultimate experience cannot be expressed, because it is only a mirror which reflects nothing.

So the watcher is not amused. It is the mind which can be amused. The watcher is still watching it.


From The Path of the Mystic, Discourse #22


Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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